French and English Language Training


Our language training is unique. We use your passion to teach you another language. You kill two birds with one stone: you learn another language while doing something that you are passionate about. Bring your passion to us and we will design a custom language learning program around your passion to teach you that language. The brain tends to retain what we are interested in, that means learning things disconnected to your passion will lead you nowhere in the early phase of learning a new language.


Our Teaching approach is designed to:
– encourage clients to communicate in the language being taught;
– maximize the time that clients spend actually speaking;
– ensure that the subject matter is practised in communication situations that are meaningful to clients;
– select a variety of activities that are meaningful to clients;
– use authentic documents;
– strike a healthy balance in the correction of errors, based on the objective of the activity and the learner’s needs


Group Training:

Group classes of same level students in ENGLISH AND FRENCH.

To create a homogenous classroom, students are given a thorough diagnostic evaluation to determine their current level in order to place them in a group of students with the same level.


One-on-one private training:

We offer one-on-one private training for those who want to accelerate their progress. This service covers all disciplines: oral interaction, grammar and comprehension.


In-house training services:

Classes are generally held at our location in Orleans, Ottawa. However, clients who cannot make it to our center due to operational constraints, we offer in-house training directly to them at their work places in group and individual training formats.


Training Schedule

-Flexible hours to suit every client’s professional schedule.

-We schedule language training services for 7 days a week (Monday to Sunday) from 8 a.m. to 5pm and possibly beyond, depending on the needs and constraints of the client.