This is the founder’s story. This is the story of a father of twin sons, who at 5 years old, could not talk. Despite this rough start, they have progressed by leaps and bounds after discovering talking educational games that have stimulated their curiosity, triggered a thirst for discovering more, and learning more along the way. When the twin reached 5 years old and still could not talk, the father started to get desperate. The desperate father, a math teacher, was looking for a way to continuously stimulate the twin boys into talking without having someone talking to them all day long (this would have been prohibitively expensive). This is how the idea of creating the first talking educational game came to his mind.

The idea was to create a fun, amusing, humorous talking game that would goad them to talk to the characters. Our first educational game was then created. This game was never intended to replace the father’s role in teaching his kids, but to act as an assistant to the father in his colossal task of educating two boys who could not talk. The father retained his central role in motivating them, encouraging them, cheering them up, rewarding them, setting up goals, evaluating progress, helping when they get stuck, explaining stuff to them.

The talking game never got tired to talk to them unlike a human who might have gotten tired of talking to them without an answer. Since the talking game never got tired to talk to them even when they did not answer, the insistence of the talking game combined with their love of the game, the interest induced in them by the characters, the passion that the game has ignited in them, (at one point the characters became their buddies, their friends); all of this ultimately unlocked their desire to talk to answer the questions asked by the games, and one day, they said their first word to the talking game. Since then, they have started to talk and their progress not only in speaking, but also in reading, and math have improved dramatically to the point of moving past their classmates in reading and math.

Good, well designed educational games that induce interest in the player can perform miracle in the hands of a Teacher trained to use it properly.


The ultimate goal of every tutor is to make of every student an academic hero who achieves the highest academic performance, which is critical in this very competitive globalized world.

Getting into university is becoming more and more competitive. When you get into university, the Teacher to Student ratio is crazy: 300 students for one teacher. We don’t make this up, one of our founders has a daughter who regularly attends at university 350-people classes led by one teacher. Without a strong foundation, a person is doomed in such an environment.

We don’t see how one can succeed in such an environment without being an academic hero. We aim to make the students the academic heroes they need to be, first to get into university, second to succeed once inside the campus, and later in life. To achieve this goal of making of every student an academic hero, we transmit to the students a passion for learning through game-assisted tutoring method because of its ability to develop in the students self- confidence, self-esteem, self-learning, which will become critical assets to enter university, succeed at university and later in life.