Why your kid needs entertaining tutoring

We use entertaining tutoring because this is the only way to keep kids focused on educational activities for periods long enough to allow them to have enough practice to master a subject. Remember that “Practice makes perfect”. If the activity is NOT fun, kids won’t stay focused long enough to get the amount of practice required to master a subject because kids care about only one thing: having fun.


We invest in games to build students'capacities to the level of academic heroes.

Students are well known for their love of games. They can play games for hours in a row without losing focus. There is no better way to keep them focus on a subject than through games.

We all know that “Practice makes Perfect”, that means students need to do a lot of practice to master a subject. We all know that if the practice is not fun/ amusing, students won’t do a lot of it. This is why we create fun educational games to get them to do more practice for longer. When they play the game they accumulate points towards hero nights (receive the visit of their favorite hero) and receive the right to play any non-educational game from our library during their free play time.


According to this study conducted by Statistic Canada/RBC,  you can read the article here, the best paying jobs are: Civil Engineering, Nursing, Specialized Engineering, Business Administration, Software Engineering, Geosciences, Pharmacology, Finance, Petroleum or Chemical Engineering, Management Sciences (MS). There is no way that your kids can get into any of these programs without good math skills. The university entry process is getting more and more competitive year after year, without good math skills, the kids will be very limited in their choices. Recognizing this, almost every week the government of Canada is launching a new campaign to encourage kids to get into STEM a.k.a Math and Tech. Good academic performance comes with big monetary prizes (scholarships),and awards and a lot of recognition that literally swell self-confidence to new height and make anything that looked impossible possible, transforming an ordinary individual into a hero.