Are You Really Preparing Your Child for the Future?

Computer Science is now the mother of invention. The U.S. Department of Labor predicts computer science-related careers in a number of different industries will be the fastest growing and highest paying over the next decade. 21st Century children are born digital natives. Studies have shown computer science is a more efficient way to increase proficiency in math, literacy, reaching comprehension and traditional science courses. In addition to the academic results, computer science also teaches students skills usable beyond the classroom; critical thinking, logical deduction, strategic problem solving, team collaboration and more.

Hero Teacher offers computer science enrichment programs with its Code Writing for Kids initiative. Code Writing for Kids leverages your child’s love for electronics, mobile apps, video games and the internet by teaching them how to code, create animations, web sites and mobile applications.

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How long is each session and where is it held?

Each session is 90 minutes long, starting at the last bell of the school day. We ask that parents pick up their students promptly at the end of the program.

What is your policy on refunds and cancellations? What if my child starts and does not like the course?

The first class is prorated. After the 1st class, there are no cancellations or refunds given unless there are extenuating circumstances.

Who are the instructors?

The instructors are college students and graduates that major in computer science, engineering, math, science, psychology, English etc. They are also part-time teachers and professionals who work in computer programming, design animation and technology industries.

What does the 5 week course entail?

In this class.....

How is the class divided?

Each class must have a minimum registration of 12 students and maximum of 20. In order to ensure all students have a positive experience, they well be divided into small collaboration groups (3 – 5 students) based on grade and ability.

Benefits Of The Programs

Your kids will learn quickly with our graphics-rich educational materials because as you already know "one image is worth a thousand words".

For the first time in their entire life, your kids will associate learning with fun, this will eliminate the boredom that constitutes the root cause of bad performance at school.

Who doesn't want to become a hero? You kids will get a chance to become academic heroes by collecting recognition symbols like badges, certificates of achievement , Medals, and more importantly they will get a swelled self-confidence that will take them from "No I can't do ... " to "yes I can" attitude, which is actually what will make them real heroes.