Math in all its glory

Fully aligned content with Ontario curriculum

“Hero Teacher” tutoring programs are aligned to the Ontario Curriculum, providing comprehensive coverage of math concepts and applications. For each learning objective specified in the Ontario curriculum, there are numerous games to practice it. So there is a game for every taste, every learning preference, every personality.

Benefits Of The Programs

Your kids will learn quickly with our graphics-rich educational materials because as you already know "one image is worth a thousand words".

For the first time in their entire life, your kids will associate learning with fun, this will eliminate the boredom that constitutes the root cause of bad performance at school.

Who doesn't want to become a hero? You kids will get a chance to become academic heroes by collecting recognition symbols like badges, certificates of achievement , Medals, and more importantly they will get a swelled self-confidence that will take them from "No I can't do ... " to "yes I can" attitude, which is actually what will make them real heroes.